Have you been recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and in need of a CPAP or BIPAP?

Not happy with your current supplier of CPAP/BIPAP supplies?

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and are in need of a CPAP/BIPAP machine or you have using one and you are not happy with your current supplier…….choose to come to Family Home Medical Equipment.

We will:

  • Verify your insurance benefits and let you know your out of pocket expense.
  • Verify that your insurance allows you to come to us and complete any prior authorizations needed.
  • Help gather all the documents that we need to process your claims including sleep studies, medical record notes, and a written order from your doctor.
  • Schedule an appointment for you to meet with our respiratory therapist.During this meeting she will answer any questions you have about sleep apnea, train you on the use of the machine, and try on several mask to find the one best suited for you.She will also review all of the insurance requirements and let you know what to expect the insurance to pay.She will continue to follow-up with you over the next 30 days to insure your success.
  • Send reminder letters every 6 months for you to check your supply needs.
  • Bill all your claims and work with your insurance to ensure clean claims and proper payment.

So, whether you are new to PAP therapy or you have been on it awhile choose Family Home Medical Equipment to provide all your PAP needs.